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The libraries

The libraries we support already exist and are open today. Above the Seas did not establish the libraries nor do we manage them directly. We support them by donating library items, perform training and offer consultation. We invest in library service enhancements such as Internet connectivity, books, eBooks, furniture, computer equipment, learning tools, and space.

Click here if you are a community library located in East Africa and would like to receive supplies

We are very careful to support improvements that will not increase the financial burden on the administration of the libraries. For this reason, we put priority on services, which may increase revenue but not add to recurring expenses. The goal is always to facilitate the self-reliance of the library, while providing a quality environment with valuable services for the community.

List of libraries which already received supplies from us

List of more libraries we know of

Libraries which already received supplies from us

Below is the list of libraries we visited and for whom we conducted a needs assessment by completing a library questionnaire and evaluation. We purchase library supplies and donate them to the library serving those in most need. We do our best to allocate funds and supplies where they provide the maximum return and positive impact on individuals and community.

Lib Id Name Location Books Seats Internet
Lib0001 The Denise C. Hogan Library Zimmerman, Nairobi, Kenya 20,000 85 Yes
by ATS
Lib0002 St Johns Community Library Korogocho Korogocho slum, Nairobi 10,000 61 Yes
Lib0006 EDU’Kenya (library on wheels) Busia, Kenya 1,500 0 No
Lib0007 The Siaya Community Library Siaya, Kenya 2,000 16 Yes
by ATS
Lib0009 Nyalenda Community Library Nyalenda slum, Kisumu, Kenya 110 40 Yes
by ATS
Lib0014 Kitale Museum Community Library. Kitale, Kenya 4,000 30 Yes (limitted)
Lib0015 Mwangaza Community Library Korogocho slum, Nairobi, Kenya 2,470 32 Poor
Lib0016 St. Ignatius Mukumu Boys Library Mukumu, Kenya 21,757 270 No
Lib0018 Rehema Day Care Library Korogocho slum, Nairobi, Kenya 250 12 Yes
by ATS
Lib0019 Kenyatta National Hospital Children Learning Centre Nairobi, Kenya 500 55 Yes
Lib0023 Ndwara Community Resource Centre Siaya County, Kenya 350 Benches Poor
Lib0027 Shalom Research and Documentation Center Nairobi, Kenya 3,000 44 Yes
Lib0028 Bhayani Nursery & Primary School Library Kisumu, Kenya 8,181 60 No
Lib0029 Childhood Cancer Initiative - Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching & Referral Hospital Children’s Library. Kisumu, Kenya 100 25 No
Lib0031 Busia Community Library Busia, Kenya 1,846 32 No
Lib0032 County Community Library (new library project, formely Angels Library) Bungoma, Kenya 2,500 (storage) N/A No
Lib0034 Usonga Community Library Siaya County, Kenya 700 18 benches Yes
by ATS
Lib0037 Ogoro Library Kisumu, Kenya 1,300 100 No
Lib0038 Kijiji Community Library Kericho County, Kenya 100 N/A No
Lib0039 SLIM Mradi Library Kasarani, Nairobi, Kenya 600 15 + carpets Yes
by ATS
Lib0042 Kibabii Community Library Bungoma, Kenya 5,000 30 Yes by ATS
Lib0043 Rebnass Community Library Bungoma (Chwele), Kenya 200 10 No
Lib0054 Jitegemee Machakos Community Library Machakos, Kenya New (1,000 for now) 50 No
Lib0056 Above Victory Centre Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya 96 25 No
Lib9999 Boulder Public Library (for comparison only) Boulder, Colorado, USA 333,432 Over 200 Yes

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More libraries we know of

Those libraries have expressed interest in receiving supplies. Unfortunately, we cannot immediately visit all of them to assess their need. This takes time as we try to do this efficiently and is also strongly dependent on donations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These libraries have not been visited or assessed by our team. The below unprocessed information is provided for reference only. None of this information has been verified by ATS.

Lib Id Name Location Books Seats Internet
Lib0003 KICODEP Resource Centre Ziwa La Ngombe slum, Mombasa N/A N/A No
Lib0004 The East African Chartered institute Bungoma, Kenya 1,500 100 Yes
Lib0005 The East African Resource Centre Bungoma, Kenya 1,000 20 Yes
Lib0008 Institute of Capacity Development (ICAD International) Bungoma, Kenya 1,500 50 Yes
Lib0011 Consolata Institute of Philosophy Nairobi, Kenya 3,000 100 Yes
Lib0017 The Haller Foundation library Bamburi, Mombasa, Kenya 10,295 30 Yes
Lib0021 EMBU University College Library (EUC Library) Embu, Kenya 7,000 150 Yes
Lib0022 Nkubu Commumity Library Nkubu, Meru County, Kenya 700 100 No
Lib0024 National Museums of Kenya (Main Library) Nairobi, Kenya 24,700 28 Yes
Lib0025 Lamu Fort Library Lamu, Mombasa, Kenya 10,000 26 Yes
Lib0026 Coastal Resource Centre (Community Library) Mombasa, Kenya 5,000 16 Yes
Lib0033 SCYI Community Library (new library project) Mtwapa, Mombasa, Kenya <100 500? No
Lib0035 Mathare Youth Sports Nairobi, Kenya 4,000 20 + carpets No
Lib0036 St-Francis Girls School Nairobi, Kenya 2,000 20 benches Poor
Lib0040 Kilifi Community Library Kilifi, Mombasa, Kenya 6,000 50 No
Lib0041 Practicum Leadership Library Flagship Ongata Rongai, Kenya 2,000 30 No
Lib0044 Matsakha AFK Community Library Matsakha, Kenya 5000 (expected) 100 Yes
Lib0045 Elgeyo-Marakwet Elgeyo-Marakwet, Kenya N/A N/A No
Lib0046 Profesional Information Link Embakasi, Kenya 300 9 No
Lib0047 Kibabii High School Library Bungoma, Kenya 10,000 200 No
Lib0048 Army Nicholes Community Library Bungule Village, Voi, Kenya Not Sure 31 No
Lib0049 Kibera Mpira Mtaani Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya 5,000 300 No
Lib0050 Sofia Township Primary School Western province, Kenya N/A N/A No
Lib0051 Shamba la Vitabu Nairobi, Kenya 1,000 12 No
Lib0052 Onna community resource centre Kakamega County, Kenya 604 20 No
Lib0053 North Maragoli Community Resource Centre Eldoret, Kenya 2,000 50 No
Lib0055 JF Omange library & information centre Kisumu, Kenya 2,256 24 Yes
Lib0057 Marura Primary School Library Kariobangi north, Nairobi, Kenya N/A N/A No
Lib0058 Nazarene Centre School library Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya 200 20 No

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