Institute of Capacity Development (ICAD International)

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Institute of Capacity Development (ICAD International) R E P O R T    C A R D
In our network Not yet
Library visited by our team Not yet
Library visit date N/A
Library context University library
This library needs:
(reviewed and approved by ATS)
computers, chairs, books
Region Bungoma, Kenya
Google maps link Locate on Google Maps (approx.)
Observations No attachment
Address bungoma
Postal address 1477-50200- bungoma
Point of contact 1477-50200- bungoma
Year founded 2005
Serving population 3,000
Surface size (approx.) 40x40 m = 1600 m2
Access to electricity Yes
Number of visitors per day (approx.) 600
Number of seats 50
Number of tables 25
Number of books 1,500
Internet Yes
Wireless Internet available (Wifi) Yes
Internet speed Moderate
Number of computers 7
Services offered book borrowing, research assistance, tutoring
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