EDU’Kenya (library on wheels)

This is a mobile library made out of a matatu (mini-bus) type vehicule. The library consists of boxes full of books that are driven on location where they are most needed. This is a wonderful project initiated by EDU'Kenya, a French NGO.
We were delighted to see this project that obviously supports many kids in deep need of books. This is a great idea and we think there should be more of this type of projects: bringing the books where they are most needed.

EDU’Kenya (library on wheels) R E P O R T    C A R D
In our network Yes
Library visited by our team Yes
Library visit date June 12, 2014
Library context Mobile library (matatu) associated with a French NGO Located in the border town of Busia, in Western Kenya.
This library needs:
(reviewed and approved by ATS)
The library needs books.

Library needs:
- Swahili new books
- English series, 30 to 50 identical books for classroom support.
Region Busia, Kenya
Google maps link Locate on Google Maps (approx.)
Observations This is a mobile library serving a large number of schools in the Busia area. It was shown to us by the library staff of the Busia comunity library (Lib0031).
Address Mobile library based in Busia County by Busia Community library Western region - Kenya
Postal address None - EDU’Kenya France 34 bd du Temple 75011 Paris France
Point of contact Pius Ojiambo Esther Ajambo
Year founded 2009
Serving population 8500 pupils are enjoying the service of EDU’KENYA ‘s mobile library
Surface size (approx.) A bus big as a matatu
Access to electricity
Number of visitors per day (approx.) Visiting primary schools only
Number of seats 0
Number of tables 0
Number of books 1,500
Internet No
Wireless Internet available (Wifi) no
Internet speed
Number of computers
Services offered The mobile libray is visiting 12 to 14 schools a month. One day a month the mobile library is driving to isolated schools. It parks on the play ground. The head master is emptying a room. The team of librarians is bringing 10 boxes of books into the empty class room. The stream of pupils spend 20 to 60 minutes in the “library”. The EDU’KENYA’s library has bought series of identical books in Swahili and English: one class in one school is able to borrow books during one month between the visit of the mobile library.
Support this library directly Please contact the library for more information on how to donate directly.
Additional supporting material
SUPPORT PROVIDED BY ATS We simply saw the mobile library parked in Busia and were able to closely look at the vehicle and the books inside. Very cool project!

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