Kibabii Community Library

This is a small community library located in Western Kenya, near the Uganda border. The library had no computers or access to the Internet. The entire annual budget is less than USD $1,000 per year and they have never received outside donations.

We visited the libray in June 2014 and determined this was the perfect place for a computer with an Internet connection. The library is located in a secure area, there is access to electricity, the staff is wonderful, but most importantly, there is a large school community which are hungry for technology. We were told there is about 5,000 students accessing this library. Once the computer was installed, groups of children between 8 and 13 spent a few minutes on the computer. Most of them had never seen or touched a computer as they were affraid to touch the keyboard. It was a wonderful experience for them, and for us.

This library is the perfect setting to install a computer lab. We really hope to help them with that.

Kibabii Community Library R E P O R T    C A R D
In our network Yes
Library visited by our team Yes
Library visit date June 12, and 5th November 2014.
Library context This small library serves six adjacent schools with a total of about 5,000 young students.
This library needs:
(reviewed and approved by ATS)
This library is heavily used by many young students. They could use much more books, but most importantly, this is the perfecct venue for a computer lab with Internet.

The library needs:
- Computers
- Internet
- Books of all kind
Region Bungoma, Kenya
Google maps link Locate on Google Maps (approx.)
Observations This is a small community library located in Western Kenya, near the Uganda border.
Address Bungoma, Off Kanduyi Chwele Road (opposite Kibabii University)
Postal address P.O Box 50, Bungoma, Kenya
Point of contact Ben Wekalao, 0723848930
Website N/A
Year founded 2013
Serving population 50,000
Surface size (approx.) 20 x 20 meters
Access to electricity Yes
Number of visitors per day (approx.) 200
Number of seats 30
Number of tables 3 big
Number of books 5,000
Internet Yes by ATS
Wireless Internet available (Wifi) No
Internet speed Slow
Number of computers 1, from ATS
Services offered Book borrowing, Research, Loud reading for Children, Research assistance, Story telling, Reading competition for Children, Interlibrary loans, Reference services
Support this library directly Please contact the library for more information on how to donate directly.
Additional supporting material
SUPPORT PROVIDED BY ATS ATS provided their first computer and an Internet connection which should last a few months. We also donated a number of curriculum school books. On ATS second visit, we supplied one computer and pamplets.

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