Jitegemee Machakos Community Library

The Jitegemee organization supports street children in different primary and secondary schools. They also support a number college students.
The library has about 1,000 text books with the majority being older primary syllabus books and few secondary level books. They certainly need more books, furniture, and computers.
Within the library compound, they have a vocational school where they teach technical skills to those who cannot afford high school.
By the end of the year, the new library project should be ready. We found the new installation to be quite spacious and well design. This will provide much needed space and better services to the community. The management staff is competent, motivated and performs great work. This is a top quality project that deserves support.
The new center will offer many services such as a lbrary with books and computers, a guidance and counseling office, and a canteen.

Jitegemee Machakos Community Library R E P O R T    C A R D
In our network Yes
Library visited by our team Yes
Library visit date 9th May and 13th 2014
Library context Located in Machakos county, South East of Nairobi. The library serves a semi-rural community.
This library needs:
(reviewed and approved by ATS)
The library is new (still under construction) so they are in need of everything, mostly books.
Region Machakos, Kenya
Google maps link Locate on Google Maps (approx.)
Observations This is a fantastic library initiative. The project is well managed and serves a wonderful community in need of better access to education.
Address Behind Garden Hotel in Machakos Town, Off Kangundo Road
Postal address P.O. Box Box 1100, Machakos, KENYA Phone: 254-734-768-706
Point of contact Peggy Mativo Pmativo@jitegemee.org or Pwalenda@gmail.com
Website www.jitegemee.org
Email library@jitegemee.org
Year founded 2014
Serving population 150,000 people (estimates- no other public community library in Machakos)
Surface size (approx.) 2 rooms (Junior Library 10*15 meters, Senior Library 20*15 meter)
Access to electricity It will have electricity. Currently in the final phases of construction.
Number of visitors per day (approx.) Will be established once the library is open but since there is no reading space for the public in Machakos, we anticipate traffic of at least 100 people a day during the school holiday season.
Number of seats 50
Number of tables Est. 10 large tables, to be confirmed
Number of books New (1,000 for now)
Internet No
Wireless Internet available (Wifi) We don’t have internet yet.
Internet speed N/A (we’re yet to launch)
Number of computers TBD
Services offered Our library plans to offer the following services for individuals: book borrowing for members, research assistance, computer and IT training, and reading space.
For primary and secondary schools, we will offer the following services: school level book lending, support for in-school reading clubs, inter-school competitions, and events
In order to engage the community, we will offer the following additional services: family reading clubs , adult literacy, vocational education and mentoring programs
Support this library directly Please contact the library for more information on how to donate directly.
Additional supporting material Jitemegee Library Survey
Jitemegee Library Program
SUPPORT PROVIDED BY ATS Library training, consultation, Books, Novels and one computer

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